It’s been on my mind for awhile about asking for anybody who knows anything to come out and help me, so I’m asking for a Facebook Whistleblower or a UMG Whistleblower or a Capitol Records Whistleblower. After seeing another whistle blower come forward from Facebook, Frances Haugen, recently I know it’s time to ask. Not just to help me, but for other music creators who are just trying to share content and do not know how unprotected their posts are. Everybody uses social media to expand their base and there is a lot more going on behind the scenes and some people know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you don’t already know, I am in a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit against Katy Perry, over her song Smile, as well as the other songwriters on the song, her record label Capitol Records, and parent company Universal Music Group. I already have evidence pertaining to UMGs deal/partnership with Facebook, where my song was posted and where I allege they accessed it from. I am hereby welcoming and urging anyone who knows any information about this UMG strategic partnership with Facebook, and specifically any info or documents regarding Facebook user data access given to UMG as part of that deal, the same user data access Facebook gave to 58 other companies including the other two of “The Big Three” Music labels, Sony and Warner Music, that Facebook testified to The United States Congress about in 2018. UMG even openly disclosed, but declined to share details on, how they get user data from their partnership with TikTok! Big companies, like Facebook and UMG, need to be transparent with all of our user data.

So, again, I’m seeking information and documents pertaining to Facebook sharing user data with big companies it dubbed “Strategic Partners”, and specifically them doing so with UMG (Universal Music Group). I need a Facebook Whistleblower, a UMG Whistleblower, or any Universal Whistleblower, or a Capitol Records Whistleblower. You know who you are! If you have seen anything,you know you can’t stand the injustice. Please help by shining light on the dark things you may know are going on behind the scenes regarding Facebook sharing user data with major companies, or how UMG has misused its strategic partnership with Facebook and any data access it received as part of its deal between UMG and Facebook.

You can contact me in any of the below ways, and I will be so thankful for any helpful information you share! You can make a positive difference and help ensure justice not just for my case, but anyone who is affected by this Facebook user data sharing.


Call/Text: 503-804-7437

Signal App: 503-804-7437

Mail: 13356 SW Macbeth Dr, Tigard, OR. 97224.

Or contact Project Veritas or any News Source you’d like to go to.