Is Mental Illness Real?

Or is it a bunch of babies that don’t know how to cope with problems and depend on therapy?

That’s essentially what I read today from a well known person. This is familiar to me, reminding me of other things I’ve read along these lines in the last year or so about Mental Illness, things like “Mental Illness is the real disease in our country”, “Mental Illness is the real problem”. I hear things like this all the time. The people saying things like this are usually speaking of the trans movement, not the mental illness community as a whole, but who’s to know, they mean anything just directed to the whole group of mental illnesses. It’s Stereotyping and as always it’s just all ugly on its face no matter what. The trans movement, in particular, has been wildly blown out of proportion compared to the other problems that really are a Mental Illness, and are making the Stigma around Mental Illnesses worse.

I get why some people are upset about that. Objectively and factually, Trans and Mental Illness are simply not the same thing, and I think it’s way past time that we really make that clear as a society. Gender Dysphoria is the real Mental Illness in the DSM. No mental illness has ever been so patted on the back like the Trans movement has. We never pat people on the backs and say your so special because you have this or that disease and you need to be out on a pedestal now and you’re more superior to all other diseases and people. Unfortunately, that’s what has happened to the trans movement and now Mental Illness is getting treated like, (again, Trans not even being an actual Mental Illness) we put them in a pedestal and say look at me!! Look at me!!! I suffer!! That’s what they have done to these trans people, but that’s not what the mental illness community has done to itself.

What we in the mental illness community have done, including myself, is bring awareness to the problems that are real and HORRIBLE and we encouraging people to speak up about their suffering and get help and speak to others. Then, when help has been sought, and you have accepted it’s a reality, that it’s your life and you need to know that your no less than of a person!!! That is what we’re doing in so many ways and it does not need to change or get made fun of like it is by some! There is a great need for it and the stigma surrounding mental illness is VERY bad and going to get worse when we have industries of all kinds and people of all kinds praising trans like it’s not a problem they have. They are praising the problem rather than what we’ve always been trying to do the opposite.. helping the person to get help and speak up, because usually they don’t seek the help they need!!! They don’t, largely, because of the stigma that’s been there for years, even before the trans movement, and now there’s a new hate directed towards mental health awareness companies like we have made, Be Love. – Mental Health Hoodies, that is empowering people to get help and know they are still loved even with their problem. Mental Health Awareness advocacy is BIG difference than what is happening in our culture.

Mental illness is real and they are not a bunch of pick me babies who need attention like we’re getting made out to be. There is always going to be people who exaggerate issues and blow them out of proportion and say “I have this and that problem” and exclaim “I have such bad anxiety” etc, and then people roll their eyes, but those kind of people are in every area of life, that’s not everyone with very serious issues as a whole. I will not be treated like this or let people I love and the people I will never meet and am fighting for get treated like this. I will fight for you and I will not give up no matter how gloomy this cause is and gets. Jesus loves us and knows the struggle is deeper than any one could imagine watching from the sidelines judging making fun of any of this from any angle.