Singer, Songwriter,

Mental Illness Advocate

Christian, wife and mother who has a burden for Hollywood and for people with mental illness, to find the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ


I have a passion in writing and singing. Telling the stories that need to be told. Teaching people what needs to be taught.

“…Maybe it’s your shoes you give up
or you help someone you think the world of but there’s an empty cup waiting for drips of love and we, we need to fill that cup…”

– Be Love

Michele Ronk


Unsigned artist working on my first album, Be Love

Mental Illness

One in five people will suffer from a mental illness.

Do you need help? Here is information and resources on common mental illnesses.

Christians & Mental Illness

You can be a Christian, and still suffer from a mental illness. 

Michele Ronk

Surviving a eating disorder, it’s my life long passion to see people find hope in their battles that it can be beat. Even left with scars from my battle I want you to know you can still find happiness in life after recovering. My happiness came from finding Jesus Christ and He is how I beat it finally. Whether it be an eating disorder or suffering from OCD, or anxiety disorder I’ve been through it all. I want you to wake up knowing you have value in your life and you are not your disorder, it’s just part of your life and you are loved.

My Approach & Philosophy

Teaching people the truth about mental illness with a special burden for Christians to understand it better. I want to tell my stories to help others who are hurting for them to know they are not alone. I was taught piano through a music academy and music theory for years, also trained in classical vocals by a classical opera singer who competes nationally. Still learning to use the tools I have under my belt, boldly and without hesitation as I’ve struggled with anxiety disorder for years. Still being a very Bold person who lives for Christ and isn’t afraid to say the hard things.. as anxiety and personality are not the same thing as per part of my teaching.


How Dare Dr. Phil
How Dare Dr. Phil

I just watched Dr. Phil after seeing a commercial about the show about a woman with anorexia. Never watching Dr. Phil or any talk shows for years and years I stumbled across that commercial today and now I know why.  A 68 pound anorexic woman was on the show and I...

Facebook Whistleblower
Facebook Whistleblower

It’s been on my mind for awhile about asking for anybody who knows anything to come out and help me, so I'm asking for a Facebook Whistleblower or a UMG Whistleblower or a Capitol Records Whistleblower. After seeing another whistle blower come forward from Facebook,...

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