This Veterans Day, at Be Love Merch, we are taking a moment to honor those who have bravely served our country. We celebrate their courage, their dedication, and their sacrifices. Yet, beyond the parades and the solemn flag-raising ceremonies lies a stark reality that we must face as a nation. The battle does not end when our soldiers come home; for many, it’s just the beginning of a different kind of fight—a fight for their mental well-being.

Veterans who die from suicide every day

It’s a sobering truth that approximately 17 veterans lose their lives to suicide each day. This statistic isn’t just a number; it’s a reflection of real people with families, dreams, and memories—a reminder that they need our support more than ever. Veterans carry back home more than medals and accolades; they bring back scars that aren’t always visible, battling PTSD and other mental illnesses that often go unseen and unheard.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not just a phrase; it’s a daily reality for up to 20% of veterans who served in recent conflicts, a shadow that follows up to 30% of our Vietnam war heroes throughout their lives. The prevalence of mental illnesses amongst our veteran population is not a call for silence—it’s a clarion yell for awareness and action.

At Be Love, we recognize the incredible gap between acknowledging this issue and actively doing something about it. This Veterans Day, while we honor the legacy of those who’ve served, let’s also commit to supporting them in their time of need. Through our mission, we aim to fight the stigma associated with mental illness, to be the beacon of hope in the darkness that can sometimes surround our heroes.

I want to give a shout out The Headstrong Project, “Triumph Over Trauma, Confidential, barrier-free, stigma-free mental health treatment for our military community.” They offer life-saving support to veterans grappling with mental health challenges and were proud to support them.

About the Headstrong Project

Headstrong is a leading, national-facing mental health network for our nation’s military connected members and families connected to their care that delivers cost-free, bureaucracy-free and stigma-free evidence-based treatment with industry leading outcomes. Our practice is founded on three leading principles: Unequaled access to best-in-class clinicians who deliver transformative care through individualized treatment with integrity. Our professional staff, accomplished clinicians and generous donors unite in a singular purpose – to deliver the courage, tools and ability to recover and grow following trauma.

Currently operating in 13 states and within the District of Columbia, Headstrong’s trauma-informed clinical partners provide individualized, evidence-based care to more than 2,700 military-connected members and their families since inception and approximately 1,400 active clients monthly.

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This Veterans Day, let’s vow to extend our gratitude beyond words. Let’s elevate our veterans from the shadows of their battles and into the embrace of a community that cares. Wear your support, spark discussions, and be part of the healing process. Because at Be Love, we believe that love can indeed be the catalyst for change.

We remember. We support. We act. Together, let’s love our veterans back to a life of light and hope.

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