Never thought I’d be in a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit against Katy Perry, and I actually cried when I made the choice that it must be done, because I loved her. Here’s some pictures of my Dream Book I created almost twelve years ago. That’s the Katy Perry I used to look up to years and years ago before she changed. The one I loved dearly.

Her team filed a Motion to Dismiss in my lawsuit against her and her team. My response will be to the court this week.

I chose to do this copyright infringement lawsuit against Katy Perry, representing myself, it’s called being Pro Se, because my lawyer I had began with to help me with the initial Cease and Desist does not litigate, meaning she doesn’t deal with lawsuits. The time and effort it took to go through lawyers, was exhausting, and wasn’t worth going through that all again when I realized I can do this myself, and I needed to put that time and energy into the case, not into looking for another lawyer who could even begin to have the level of dedication I have to protect my own work, finding someone who I’d even trust to win this case. Like I explained in a previous post, Lawyers aren’t what you think they are.

If you are interested, the case number is: 2:20-cv-09843-FLA-ASx, filed in United States District Court, Central District Of California. It’s all public information, you can access it using Pacer.

Pray for me if you’re a Christian. God is helping me!