Hand me down

Money for my daughters college or a lawyer to sue
Case law that won’t protect social media’s debut
These were the choices I had, I had to go through

Copyright case with a celeb, keep quiet though
‘Cause the little guy is just a status quo
I prayed you would not dismiss it and let it go

Go up and they take you down
Spit you out, pass you around
Like an unwanted Hand me Down
Unwanted Hand me Down, Hand me Down

I waited for a year and a day for you to answer
Waited in the wing to dance like a tiny dancer
Fears about you came true like someone with cancer

Was it cause I was pro se
That you did not see a way
Cause you missed something vital you didn’t say
UMG has a key to Capitol’s doorway

Something strange, but there’s something about me
Only God can do, I feel peace, like when I see a palm tree
I know God’s not done, HE did not fail me

Copyright 2022 © – Michele Ronk

Katy Perry Lawsuit Update

My lawsuit was dismissed by the Judge due to Access, based off of old case law, but there’s new case law now.

Motion for Reconsideration will be filed next week based on some vital things the Judge missed. Then, next steps, if necessary, an Appeal.