Like I said I’m my last post about Christians and mental illness. Here, mental illness is being brought up in a movie as a deranged killer off his medicine in the new movie, The Joker. I read the synopsis about the movie, after reading in a news article a little bit of what it is about. It is exactly what you would think after hearing what the plot is. It is about a man going off his meds killing everybody that has hurt him and more. Exactly what the news and society does with mental illness. Making it look like, again, that mental illness causes killing and murders. He had a neurological disorder in this fiction movie… that was his mental illness which he needed medicine for. Going off his meds did not cause killings or the creation of a monster, as Hollywood has created, called the Joker. It’s a man that society treated badly, laughed at and was pushed away. That is what creates hate in a man.. That is what causes people to go off the deep end and hurt people.. the bullying.. the dealing with the bullying in a wrong way. They let the hurt and hate build up and it eventually blows up because you can’t live like that. It has to be dealt with in a healthy, right way. It is not the mental illness that creates this is a person.  I don’t know of any mental illness that tells you to kill people.. it tells you bad things about yourself, it does. These voices people say they hear that cause evil is not a mental illness .. at that point I believe it’s the devil.. which, the devil is the king of all Lies and murder and does whisper bad things to you, but maybe at some point it could get really bad, I do not know. This kind of creation in Hollywood is only making the stigma around mental illness worse because most people watching Joker are not educated about what Mental illness truly is and leave the theatre with “yep mental illness causes psycho killers!” With their very own, suffering from so many mental illness in their own field of work. Their millions and millions of dollars just stabbed the back of their own suffering and will probably result in more suicides, rather than them publicly coming out that they suffer from a mental illness. Look at what they did to Kanye west… mocked him and made fun of him. An actor who I love, Bradley cooper, who just directed and starred in “a Star is born” where he committed suicide at the end of the movie.. was one of the producers who produced this movie mocking mental illness creating a picture going against everything they just stood up for against stigma in mental illness with his last movie with lady Gaga in a star is Born.

For they don’t even know what they do when they see a chance to make money.. Well I’m sick and tired of you using mental illness as a plot line and getting it all wrong. We’re not ones to use and walk all over! Nobody is!