I’m a baptist Christian and attend a baptist church because they preach from the Bible the hard truths. They don’t sugar coat the truths or the sermons. I will not, not listen to Christian music with guitars that’s not just hymn’s though. There is a difference of opinion on some Baptist’s about listening to “Contemporary” Christian music as some think it’s wrong. I do not, we do not and won’t teach our kids that. Not to be defiant, because that’s not my heart or our hearts. We want to obey and be right. This is just a gray area where there is a difference in opinion. I believe these Christian artists out there singing about God, truly love God, and they are worshiping and sharing their love of God. Guitars and drums are beautiful musical instruments and don’t need to be looked at as evil. There is bad worldly music not on the Christian stations… that is disrespectful and disgusting on so many levels.. but not even all of it is though. I love music and music has a special powerful way to touch people and that’s why I choose to write for the secular music genres. I was the girl who did not know Jesus, listening to the secular, popular music, who needed Jesus, but those people listening to the popular music stations needing Jesus are not listening to the Christian stations most likely. They need to feel connected to someone like them but hearing something different … hearing about Jesus. From a life of a Christian now, but used to not be for most my life and relating to what they are going through now. There’s something special about a person also when they find Jesus later in life.. they can relate to a lot more. Would I rather of been saved as a child, yes, I would take that any day over going through the stuff and pain but that was not my life or my timing or in my story.

Which brings me to Kayne West! Just listened to his new album “Jesus is King” and I had goosebumps! That’s the Jesus I love, doing what he does, changing people! Changing Kayne! I listened to Kayne before I was saved and as a baby Christian but then I stopped. To see this happen is so beautiful! So beautiful! I will not be a Christian doubting this is real! He is a baby Christian and he gets it! It takes years and years to start changing and understanding so much from a life of so different before you encounter Jesus. Jesus can save anyone!!! We need to be cheering for anyone who has been saved and you see their life changing! Don’t start looking for all that’s not right still.. it takes time and you will probably see even more and more fruit if he was truly saved, which I believe he was, and I’m applauding for him and his family that they have Kayne who is now going to be leading them in the right direction.. towards God! Go listen to the album and support him in his walk!