Dancing on the stage with Britney Spears

I’m so excited for Britney Spears to be able to be freed from her father in Britney’s conservatorship. She needed to be freed from his abuse if he truly was doing the abusive things she has alleged which the judge seemed to believe he was, and needed to be removed from the conservatorship. I believe Britney needed the conservatorship temporarily when she was suffering from her problems and went into a 5150 hold that we all watched happen. Her dad truly had the best intentions in the beginning, I believe, as his daughter was very sick and her husband had left her. She needed someone who truly loved her to stand up and take action when she was a very wealthy artist with much to lose at that moment. I think it lasted too long and went on for too many years. Whether Britney truly knew she could speak up against it or not, we don’t know but she has chosen to speak up in the last couple months and she needed to be listened to and she was. I’m so happy for her and the new journey she is going to be on. The part I’m worried about is I hope Britney gets weaned off of her conservatorship, meaning taking steps to learn how to be in her own and making her own decisions again and not simply thrown in a new mess that could happen if she’s not truly ready to be fully in her own all of a sudden without weaning.. That’s my worry for her and that’s my hope for her. To have a mental illness does not equal the treatment she endured for so long. You do not get to be abused or tortured by any means because of a mental condition you may have, even if you’re rich with a lot at stake. People took advantage of her it looks like, based on what she has come out and said, and that’s unfortunate and troubling. Even with a mental illness, on medicine and still suffering you’re still able to be a functioning adult and make your own decisions in most situations unless you’re severely not ok like she was 13 years ago, but that was 13 years ago and went on way too long which would hurt anyone in her situation.

I’m so happy for her like I said as I’ve grown up right alongside her being a big fan supporting her always and she has a special place in my heart because she truly suffers from a mental illness and is a mother and a artist. The catch 22 part is her lawyer she hired is the law firm which Katy Perry/ Capitol records/ Universal Music Group have in the copyright lawsuit I’m in with them. I don’t like seeing them win anything and I have been a part of ruthless treatment by them, so I have different feelings about this.. but it’s Britney and I love Britney and I want the best for her and she deserves it and a win for them for Britney is worth it to me even if I’m clash of feelings about it……. amen! Britney is free from abuse and she will be in my prayers for her journey forward!

In the above picture, I won the opportunity for my Husband and I to dance on the stage with Britney, about 10 years ago, as I’ve always been a big fan of Britney.