Some things to think about .. It’s not good when a mental health advocate and Christian takes his life.. It’s beyond heart breaking and trouble some. They know everything there is to know about Gods love, hope and refuge in him and they still can fall.

The space between the mind of the mental illness and the Holy Spirit living within you, when you’ve accepted Jesus, is very hard for the person struggling with what a mental illness does to you. It fights against what the Holy Spirit tells you, which is living in you. It’s a battlefield and a horrible disease to have, while also living with the Holy Spirit within.

Someone depressed, because of a situation or phase in their life is not the same as real depression where they are fighting the real disease called depression which is a mental illness.. Depression messes with your mind, about them, that they are not good enough. Anxiety, OCD, and so on it’s a battle with their self not other people. It’s a battle in their mind about themselves. It’s missing serotonin in their brain that medicine helps fill back up the missing serotonin. Along with genetics, some of us are born with these disorders.

It’s not a disease that makes you kill others, it kills your self if not treated. If someone were to take other actions it’s anger and sin mixed in with it not the mental illness. Something society desperately needs to understand.

Also, very hard for Christians to understand that have never dealt with it. It’s not a sin when someone is sick, it’s a sin if you don’t have a mental illness and you always choose to be worried or fear and so on because the Bible clearly warns against that and we have Jesus to help us with everything.. the same Jesus who raised up from the dead lives in all of us Christians through the Holy Spirit. That’s what he left with us, but some Christians deal with and have a mental illness.

It’s very sad and heavy that Christians do struggle with mental illness and it’s one of the worst disease’s to have as a Christian. It can make you feel even more isolated from the same people that are the best for you, the church.
Some Christians and some people don’t believe mental illness is real because it goes against everything the Bible teaches. Some people call it demons literally, instead of a disease.. You know how heart breaking that is to know some people think that’s what it is when you live with it. It does not help you at all.. Demons are the opposite of what a Christian is and wants nothing to do with on a whole different level.

Demons are real and they are all around us and demons have been in people. Demons are demons and just like the devil .. evil, just evil.. People with Mental Illness are some of the nicest people in this world … Made with the softest, purest of hearts, that feel extra when they feel.. Some of the smartest, also.

With all that said… Me or the next person cannot find out why mental illnesses exist, besides the facts and research from medical experts… The same for cancer, diabetes, and all the disease taking people’s lives.. Are those diseases demons in the body?? Are they from the devil or God allows all these things for whatever reason I don’t know, but I know God and He’s good. Its not clear why diseases exist in the Bible, it’s not black and white why. I don’t think we will know why until we see Jesus. We need protection from everything, and that really only comes from God. God also doesn’t want one form of disease where they are isolated and alone because of stigma.

It’s a shame to have a mental illness in this world because of people who know nothing about what they are talking about and make it seem like they are all killers because of the shooting problems in the world. Nowhere in the DSM does it say the conditions or symptoms of mental illness is murder, or the brain makes you kill if you have a mental illness, NO! It does not say that, it’s not a symptom. Like I said above.. If someone with a mental illness murders someone it is not because of the mental illness. With those facts that are very checkable if you study very well in this subject, how do you think more people are not going to fall if you keep making it shameful to say “I have a mental illness and I’m still normal just dealing with this”…… whatever it is… anyone who says things about mental illness that’s knows nothing but follows the crowd has blood on their hands and people in your own circle have it you just don’t know because of the above.

If you take your life outside of Gods allowance because He’s in charge of life there is punishment and if he gave the disease of mental illness to someone and they die by suicide I don’t believe they will see Hell but will see Gods face because he knew it was a real disease and that not for us to judge if they did it because of a mental illness or not. People don’t love people with mental illness the way they should and it’s a problem.

I’ve never dealt with suicidal thoughts… I know if I did I wouldn’t be ok in this world. God bless your family Pastor Jarrid Wilson, my heart breaks for your soul and for your family.