This is heartbreaking, another example of the negative effects of social media and suicide sadly resulting. How many deaths caused by social media need to happen before something changes? This is one of the problems, of many with social media and in America’s schools today, and the negative side affects of the horrible things allowed to be shared on social media and how that affects mental health and sadly sometimes results in suicide.

In the latest tragic example of this is a New Jersey girl, 14, takes her own life after video shows other girls beating her up, in no way, should this video of her being bullied been allowed to stay online and keep circling the way it was. The trauma of being beat up in the hallway in front of her classmates would of been troubling and demeaning enough. Then to have to be reminded and passed around social media like it’s a viral animal video is hammering the nail in her pain. What is wrong with kids that they took joy in passing around a fight video? People care more about content then values and protecting people now days and it’s disgusting. Social media takes down peoples opinions they don’t agree with but will leave a teenager video of her being beat up and on many accounts and there is no excuse for the part social media played in allowing that and everyone person who shared the video. The school needed to act quick too as well. Every person was involved in this heartbreaking situation. Her family should not have lost her, they should of had people coming to her defense and loving her and making sure things got better rather then using her as content and bullying her on top of already being beat up in a high school hallway. This girl is another example of social media hurting teenagers when they could have put a stop to it. As well as schools not acting fast enough to care for her.

I hope her family holds them all accountable. Teenagers can not mentally handle what social media already does to them, what social media effects are on their mental health, definitely not their life on full display being mocked. It’s every parents job to make sure their child are not bully’s in this world and that means even down to sharing a video of someone’s pain. Children need to be taught what damage that could do to a person, especially someone who’s already down. If your going to allow your child to be on social media they need to be held accountable as well, even if the social media company itself should be removing something. It’s more of our job to raise better kids, than it is on the people currently behind some of these social media companies. This should of never happened and my heart breaks for her and there is no reason it should of been allowed to circle social media the way it did!

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or are experiencing a mental health crisis you can dial the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 988 or go to, or see additional Mental Health Resources. For spiritual guidance and comfort during difficult times, you may also find support in the healing words of the God; explore Bible Verses for Mental Health.