Britney Spears Manic Episode is in the news, regarding what may have happened with her at a restaurant the other day. First off, just because she has bipolar does not mean that everything she does is manic or shes having a manic episode.

Does it even matter if Britney Spears had Manic Episode that day?

This weekend TMZ reported on a video clip someone took of Britney Spears at a restaurant saying she was acting manic cause she’s sitting alone at a restaurant saying some things I don’t really understand either.. but it sounds like something she would sing in one of her songs. Whatever it is, and whatever the reason is for why she was saying that stuff is not up for grabs. You can’t jump and just slam her that its a manic episode because of the way she’s reacting to whatever happened at the restaurant. It’s rumored her husband, Sam Asghari, got up and left cause he couldn’t stand the episode, then later he debunked it saying that’s not true and that’s not what happened. From one clip you can wonder many things, anyone can. However, to go straight to it’s a mania episode isn’t fair. It’s using her diagnosis against her just for knowing she has a bipolar diagnosis.

News creating more Stigma about Mental Illness

What if it was a episode? What if it wasn’t and that’s being said about her like that.. No matter if she had a “manic episode” or not, she’s going to feel made fun of. I’m sure she does and feels judged majorly. Britney Spears is under a microscope so the public sees more than the public gets to see with an average citizen so it’s in the news. Even if it was a manic episode the public saw it’s not right to put in the news like she sinned and say look at this! Do we do that to other diseases when they have a episode? Like with Multiple Sclerosis, a.k.a. “MS”, some celebrities have and can’t walk well without a cane. What if one fell? Would you put it all over the news like they are crazy for falling? It’s disgusting the difference of treatment with diseases and their “episodes”. This is stigma and it makes the sick feel bullied. It makes the un-diagnosed scared again to get a diagnosis, because they will be the laughing stock when they fall.

People need to Be Love to those with a Mental Illness!

Britney Spears, manic episode or not, probably does feel like what I explained. She lives under a microscope and you’re pushing her to her breaking point if this stuff keeps happening. Leave her alone! Be love to people with mental illnesses! Stop this treatment, even though you may think you’re just pointing out a situation it’s way deeper than that. Just look at how Britney responded, she’s clearly pissed and hurt as she should be and not just cause she watched a movie about killing doesn’t mean she’s thinking about killing people.. Thought I’d mention that before that article gets written.