Thank you Jesus! Just felt so much thankfulness for who you are! I see you all over the place.. I see you everyday in everything. I love you so much. Thank you for finding me and changing my life.. I look back on so much all the time to reflect, not to stay .. but to reflect.. what could have been if I did not answer with yes. If I did not learn about Him.. I think about it all the time. I’ve never loved anything the way I love Jesus. It’s the reason I love so much in everything in my life. I don’t just love a little .. I love so much. Jesus taught me about Love. I still will keep learning everyday. He knows all my struggles and my fears and every little detail about me and he loves me greatly. It’s a love I’ve never ever known. I’m just so thankful to know You Jesus! You are a God of truth and mercy and it always is in everything… you are a God to be feared and a God to know you love so much and we as humans will be learning about that love until the day we see you in heaven. Thank you Jesus! I know that the bad things that have happened and have left scars on me .. you have a plan and I believe that 12 years ago when I fully understood my life for the first time ever.. I will never loose hope of your full circle and every day you help me keep going.. keep believing and it’s a journey and It’s a beautiful journey because at full circle I will never get this journey back. It’s just full circle then and it’s a different kind of thing from that point on. The journey I was on and still am on will be what I’m looking back on to then keep me going after hitting full circle.. the journey will keep me laughing and missing the memories and all that it took to get there. I always thought when I hit full circle I made it.. but have realized it’s just half way point . It will be a whole new level of things that will all be new to me. You never fully make it at any level. Every level is a new journey from the last one and there is never a done point in our lives no matter what level of success you reach.. because success will never fully satisfy anyone or any heart .. it’s only a love of Jesus Christ that can ever fully satisfy anyone and Christians never stop growing or working for the Lord until the day we take our last breath. Every day is a gift and Im just so thankful for every day Jesus gives me and my family. I love, love, life and love Jesus so much! Never give up .. just know different angels maybe needed but NEVER Give up anything unless it’s sin .. always give up that! As a friend always said and says.. Jesus Jesus Jesus until the day I die.