I’ve been wanting to write about Kobe Bryant since his and the other families tragedy, but I felt like, “who am I?” though. So many people wrote about him, but that’s bad thinking and the opposite of what Kobe would like for anyone hurting from his passing and his mamba mentality that is very inspiring. It’s not that Kobe Bryant was any better than anyone else who has passed or who is still living, why so many people are talking about him. It’s because he really was great, he left a legacy and a mentality a lot of people don’t live every day with and he stands out because of it. Also, he was a great dad and later in life a great husband along with having all the worldly success a person can have that he worked very hard for. That stands out! The way you see his love for his family on his face in these pics.. you can’t just have that look of love unless it’s really there. He was an amazing family man and a amazing ball player and was about to do so many more great things. He died doing what he loved, being a great dad and now teaching his daughter the love of basketball he had to accomplish all the great things he did in basketball. His work ethic and Mamba Mentality stands out because many people do not have that anymore and expect things to come to them without the hard work. It’s amazing to see these people rise up and stand out. Again they are not more important than the next person.. but how they lived their life is what makes them stand out like Kobe did. Some of us have roadblocks in the way, it may be many kinds of different things but lots of us have them and it may make it harder. Even with the roadblocks we can still push to be great everyday with the right mentality to push through and work hard to accomplish whatever it is. Kobe is a great example every single one of needs to see. He was truly one of the greats and the best thing we could do is be great and fight hard in whatever our doings are just like he said in one of his interviews that was played at the first staples center game since his passing.

It’s so sad how it came to a end. It’s unsettling and heartbreaking, how it all ended. Also the 3 children involved its so hard to see that happen. It will always be heartbreaking when ever anyone thinks about it. The heartbreak all those families will always face is beyond words and I feel so sorry for them. I will be praying for all the families for along time and will strive to be great in the things I do because he left such a good reminder and legacy we can not forget. With God In us we have the ability to be great in such a different way and we need to reflect on that everyday we wake up and give thanks for another day, it’s another day to do great for him and I think Kobe knew that and that’s why he was different! My hero is Jesus but as someone I look up to here it will always be Kobe’s example I keep in my heart. #mamba