Sadie Robertson posted this.. who I just adore, but I was naturally scared of, which way it would go. Still very anxious to listen. So I grabbed my coffee and sat in my seat waiting for it to go bad real quick. As this topic usually goes bad real fast. As I kept listening, it did not go bad, and I’m utterly so surprised. Instead I just got goosebumps and so many feels, so happy and proud of a pastor saying these things that so desperately needed to be said.. in his own way of course and really focusing on depression and suicide, but still saying so many important truths and facts. Beautiful and so proud of a pastor not scared to say Mental Illness! If you’re interested, I also explore this topic further in my blog post about the Bible Verses for the Mentally Ill, which delves into how faith intersects with mental illness and mental health issues.

I do have one part I worry about.. because its such a serious part, about suicide.. you me or anyone can’t say it’s ok for a Christian to commit suicide and our souls will be ok.. Like I’ve said before, God knows who suffers from mental illness and who does not and I do believe whole heartedly God wouldn’t punish a mentally ill person the same as someone without one, but without bible scripture in black and white on this serious situation, that is only a hope as well.. because God says He is the only one who can give and take away life.  Besides this.. thank you for standing up and saying these things that need to be said. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.