I read this article about Elton John and his thoughts on Michael Jackson. Saying he was seriously Mentally ill. I’m so sick of this word Mentally ill being thrown around when anything is off with someone. It’s not always mentally ill, by the way! In No way if the rumors are true about Michael Jackson and the stories of him sexually abusing kids is that ok what’s so ever! If that is true again that’s not a mental illness.. it’s a crime when your a sexual predator of minors. It’s something seriously wrong in the mind.. but not a mental illness. There needs to be a new word for devilish crimes.. sick crimes people commit.. the word is not mental illness! Just wondering though.. if any one with a heart ever stepped back to realize the facts about Michael Jackson life and childhood? Childhoods do matter or it wouldn’t be so important to be such a good parent to your children. If your not, there is serious consequences. Don’t you know his dad was very abusive to Michael.. don’t you know that’s why he changed his face. His dad made fun of his nose. Not just was he physically abusive he was mentally abusive. It messed up Michael Jackson. Elton John’s comments about how he didn’t feel comfortable around adults and would just get up and leave the table and not eat and go around the children. Did you ever think his perspective on adults.. is pretty messed up. He doesn’t really care for adults.. he obviously didn’t feel comfortable around them and felt more comfortable around children. His own Adult dad left a very bad impression about adults. Michael was damaged.. which abuse will do to you. Step back and realize these facts about somebody before you believe everything you hear. If he did abuse kids it’s wrong, but he was found not guilty and there reason’s Michael was the way he was and it’s not Mental illness that caused Michael to be that way, it was his dad.