Michele Ronk

Singer, Songwriter,

Mental Illness Advocate

Christian, Wife and Mother who has a burden for Hollywood, for them to find Jesus, to find hope in their struggles especially with their mental health.

Michele does not give up or write off the people who need Jesus, not even in the hard places like Hollywood. Also for the Church to better understand mental illness, that its real, even in Christians, and overall, that mental illness is not what the world sees it as.

Surviving an eating disorder that almost took her life, She has a twenty year understanding of what mental illness is what its not and there’s hope with Jesus for healing and a hand to hold in the struggle. Just as in her story, Jesus was her rescue from a bad end and she wants others to know they can be loved and helped no matter what they are going through. For them to know there is value in their life and they are more than a disorder and Jesus loves them.

She’s been writing songs and finding her voice and writing the stories she wants to tell with the people she loves and has such a heart for.


Unsigned artist working on my first album, Be Love

Mental Illness

One in five people will suffer from a mental illness.

Do you need help? Here are some helpful mental health resources.

Christians & Mental Illness

You can be a Christian, and still suffer from a mental illness.

Bible verses on mental health.

My Approach & Philosophy

After living a life without Jesus my first twenty one years of life and living in pain and shame and suffering and behind the lies of the devil, I have become a bold person who isn’t afraid to say things like they are. I don’t sugarcoat things and say what needs to be said. You’ll see that in my writing as I’m a very lyrical writer touching on the hard things. There’s enough telling you what you what to hear behind every curtain in this world but you won’t find that in me.


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